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     I was scared to death...just days before, my husband at the time (he’s now deceased) had been locked up for the weekend in the Pinellas County Jail for domestic abuse against me. It was the last straw in my mind - I grabbed my dog Rocky and whatever I could load in my pick-up truck and rented an apartment out on Clearwater Beach.

     Do any of you know what it’s like to try and move in a few hours? Running to the ATM and hoping to grab enough money to get by knowing that your life is going to be a “living hell” when he finds out you’ve taken some money. Getting the pitiful looks from people as a middle-aged women tries to find a place to live with a dog and the stuff in her truck. But there in the middle of all this trouble was a kind and understanding soul, named Lina. She was owner of a quaint property with annual and seasonal fully furnished condos and apartments-she was also a Christian. I remember Lina telling me when she gave Rocky and I an apartment, “ You don’t need to depend on a man, you need to start depending on God...and He’s giving you an apartment right here to start over with.”  I thanked her profusely, and there on the bay side of Clearwater Beach, Rocky and I had our new home.

     After a few days of settling in, I kept pondering what Lina had said about this being a chance for a fresh start and finding God. I’d been watching Joyce Meyers for the last few years to stay in touch with God and make myself feel like a Christian, but my life was a total mess. I was in a 10 year marriage to an atheist-they tend to become more and more cynical as time goes by...add to that we had physical abuse every 4 months. I kid you not, I could have marked it on a calendar. No matter what was happening in our lives or where we lived, my husband tried to throw me out of moving vehicles, or hit me for something that I had done. Now in his defense, I can be a very trying individual.

I Was Living on the beach, and God said,  “Go Home”.

You see, I’m a sinner...at  times I can get loud and obnoxious and if I didn’t have to be around me, I wouldn’t either. Unfortunately, I have no choice. Though we had this cyclically abusive relationship, I always thought it was my fault. Talk about feeling like a loser trapped in a life that’s out of control ...I didn’t even have the strength to say to myself that I would never take him back. I was so sick and tired  hat I had finally had enough.

      It was about six o’clock in the morning, and Rocky and I had found a great rout for her morning walk. There were several streets for her to do her duty and then we worked our way over to the north pier on the beach. Out on that pier-looking out on the ocean- is where I got the nerve to tell God that I didn’t want a beach side condo down here, but I’d love to have one in heaven. As clear as He were standing next to me, I heard this voice say ,”Go Home”. At first, I thought, maybe it was the wind…there’s always a little wind off the surf. But those words just lingered. I remember thinking, “ Go Home?! “ Was God kidding and where did he mean by home…I grew up in Danville, Illinois and have spent the better part of my adult life trying to forget that fact-are you kidding me?!

    Fast forward January 2006 when I was given a great job after having the courage to take the position. I would be able to be independent, and work in a field that I knew well…guess where-Danville, Ill.

    So for two years I worked at a car lot and then had a blind date with a guy from Lafayette, Indiana.It was June of 2007 and I’ll never forget meeting Dave…a God fearing, golfer that was divorced and seemed like just a really great guy.

     We’ve been together ever since…it’s not always been easy, but since we both believe in God, we find a way to work things out. I feel so blessed to be a part of Dave’s life and him being the leader of our family. Stability is a great thing and a hard thing to find, but a man after God’s own heart is one who loves him…and that’s good enough for me.

      Anyway, I am still in the Midwest, and have grown accustomed to the winters again. God is so good…after all, I’d rather have the beach in eternity than for right now.

     I’ve gotten to explore my passion for golf and Dave and I are interested in hosting golf fundraiser’s in the near future…God is so good, always keep moving forward!!!

And Jesus said, “Brother shall betray brother  to death, and fathers shall betray their own children. And children shall arise against their parents and cause their deaths. Everyone shall hate you because you belong to me. But all of you who endure to the end shall be saved.”

If you are not with Jesus, you are against him. This is the only decision that determines your eternal destiny of going to heaven or hell-your choice

The Blood of Jesus on the Cross was a real sacrifice that conquered all evil everywhere, forever. That’s why non-believers

Hate the Cross-demons know the Power that lies in the Blood

God provides for the animals and he will surely provide for you.

Trust in Jesus for all things.

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    Isn’t it funny that looking back on life is far less scary than actually living life going forward.  If someone would have told me back on Clearwater Beach in the fall  of 2004 what the next 11 years would bring...and it keeps getting better!